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It's time to look at Agenda 21 and what it really means. It's a form of racism relating to water, land control and wealth transfer. A bold statement ? Yes, but to the point. The UN globalists do nothing to hide this. It's all about stealing from those that have, and giving to the perceived have - nots. The UN Agenda 21 plan makes Robin Hood look like an altar boy.
An example of what water taxes will be like, can be found with mileage taxes. To collect these UN mileage taxes (proposed to be 65 cents per mile) the UN will demand and enforce collection from everyone in North America. They will not NOT give any of this windfall to the nations they extort it from. Instead, it will go to third world countries. A satellite tracker box in every vehicle will enforce collection of UN revenue. When you don't pay it, a satellite command signal will be sent to disable your vehicle, no matter where you are on the planet. This is the same method used to enable and disable satellite TV receivers.
The collected funds will be given away to "poor" nations. This welfare state mentality encourages people NOT to work harder to make their own country better, for any country receiving the handout. Developed countries will stagnate, realizing no real reward is possible for any accomplishments, and third world countries will just sit back and collect. Taxation is UN - speak for "re - distributing the wealth of the world." Most of Americans should know that two of the founding principles of America are NO DOUBLE TAXATION and NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. The UN could care less, since they are both the controllers and originators of this new revenue stream, created on the backs of ALL those that work.
Hence, re - distribution of wealth as dictated by those who are already wealthy. Such will be the water taxes and other related dictum's, too.
Agenda 21 and sustainable development not only involves water, but also all YOUR private property and everything you see around you, both outside and inside your home. Children in schools today are being taught the failed principles of communal life - a way of life where no one is allowed to call anything theirs. Ask those of the former Soviet Union or in today's mainland China, how much they enjoyed having nothing to call their own, and no hope for happiness. Is it any wonder that alcoholism is so high in Russia, even today ? Agenda 21 also meshes with certain aspects of the Kyoto carbon dioxide Protocol as well. We will save a discussion of the protocol for another time.
Agenda 21 affects you if any of the following are true:
* You live in a country where water is not generally considered scarce, such as North America or Europe
* You own a well
* You use any water, for any purpose
Agenda 21 and other related UN documents were drawn up by the UN globalists. These laws enacted by the select rich few, are targeted at anyone who answers yes to any of the above. Remember this is coming from the UN, the very same loving people that have actually publicly proclaimed that "the family is an obstacle." [5] Agenda 21 will become everyone's worse nightmare. And this is where the race factor comes in, like it or not.
You'll benefit the most if you're in a poor Mexican, Latin American, African, mid-east, near east or Asian country. You won't have to worry about any material needs anymore. It will be the predominantly white middle class of North America and Europe that will be expected to 'smile and gladly pay' what money they have left, to make life easy as pie for certain countries. Even the unemployed worker in North America will still be expected to pay all the new taxes. Being unemployed will be no excuse to remove the meter from your water well or to not pay your share of UN taxes. This is just one small fact about hidden Agenda 21 truth. They will steal from the poor, and give it to the poor, too...
The UN will also steal from the under - employed alike, just to give it away to another country. Bleeding heart liberal stupidity for sure, but what do they care ? UN meeting participants are all wealthy, and being a representative for their country is more like a hobby to them, or another game to play. And what about the masses who will be paying these new UN taxes ?
This bold UN is no different than that of Alan Greenspan, aka, the global - banker - mouthpiece suck up, and who illegally prints money claiming to be federally authorized. Sitting in front of a Congressional subcommittee and casually reading high unemployment figures, just as calmly and disconnected as someone on Thorazine. He's numb from the neck up. Think the Federal Reserve is federal ? Guess again. Look in any phone book in a major city where one of their "banks" are, and it will NOT be located under the US Govt. The privately run group of thugs with a federal name is located in the business section of the yellow pages. Another visible arm of the globalist power elite - the same elite that are certain that they should control the planet's water. When you watch a UN meeting taking place on television with all of them listening to translation ear pieces, just remember you're looking that visible part of the NWO.


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