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                            Histroy behind the Freemasons

Is there a proven History behind the Freemasons ?

Empirical evidence supporting the history of Freemasonry prior to the 18th Century is hard to find. Theories vary wildly from the plausible to the sensational. Most masons believe that Freemasonry is derived from the early medieval stonemasons guilds and enquire no further. However, a well rounded study in Freemasonry should look more deeply at all possible roots, even if only to be able to dismiss most of them.

There is no commonly accepted Ancient History of Freemasonry – even UGLE does not publish a house view prior to its own initial conception in 1717. This is curious because a resemblance of modern Freemasonry (judging from a corpus of medieval manuscripts) was already in place beforehand, even if its pedigree was lost.

 Do I Know A Freemason ?

The Masonic handshake ?


If you "GOOGLE IMAGE" this you will see its used alot with our world leaders and top political figures in office today.

         The Conventional Explanation

Most historians concur that Freemasonry, in its current form, probably developed as an adjunct from medieval stonemasons through the ages leading up to the Operative Stone Masons Guilds. Just how or when the transition took place from Operative Guild Free-Stone Masonry to Speculative intellectual Freemasonry (using stonemasons tools, clothing and customs as allegorical aids to teach their precepts) is not clear, although Scottish Lodge Kilwinnings records showing non Operatives being admitted by at least 1672 and some Lodges in England were entirely non Operative by the time of Elias Ashmole in 1646.

What was so special about stonemasons? They possessed great skill to create the castles, cathedrals and palaces and the necessary sculpted works and ornaments demanded of their masters. Such skill must have seemed almost magical to the vast illiterate masses. They were clearly the elite of the labor force, had secret customs and marks (as shown opposite) and would have attracted some of the brightest non-educated recruits. However, given the complexity and the emphasis on morality of the various Masonic rituals and teachings, this simple explanation of Freemasonry seems inadequate. To obtain a deeper historical appreciation, one could consider the various ancient and medieval legends with an open mind and then decide for yourself which ones are a better fit.

                       The Ancient Scientific Perspective

It has recently been suggested (by Knight and Lomas) that Freemasonry ultimately evolved from Megalithic tribes who, having discovered science and astronomy, constructed numerous astounding astronomical observatories including Newgrange on the river Boyne, Bryn Celli Ddu and Stonehenge between 7100 BC and 2500 BC. It is believed that these sites enabled those tribes to chart the seasons and years by observing the rotations of the sun and the third brightest object in the sky, Venus. These were essential skills as without such timekeeping, civilisation would be hopelessly unable to plan or progress beyond mere day to day subsistence.

  Indeed, the Book of Enoch, discovered amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Qumran and from which many higher Masonic Orders draw their inspiration, explains the scientific principles by which those earliest observatories (or Uriels Machines) operate. It is then argued that this knowledge was shared and taken to the East prior to a predicted and devastating comet impact and subsequent world flood in 3150 BC.


Many survivors maintained Enochian and Noachide customs and when the Enochian-Zadokite priests were expelled from Jerusalem in 70 AD by the Romans, having first hidden their scrolls and treasures deep under the ruins of Solomon's Temple as recorded in the Qumran Copper Scroll, it seems possible that their alleged descendants, the founding Knights Templar families led by Hugues de Payens, would return in 1140 AD to dig them up and retrieve them. A great story, but it is doubtful whether this theory will take hold in serious academic circles.


                      The Ancient Stone Mason Perspective


Certain present day Masonic words and meanings seem rooted from the time of the early Egyptians of this era: The virtues of truth and justice were said by them to be “on the square”. Confucius in 500BC referred to the squareness of actions; even Aristotle in 350 BC associates square actions with honest dealings. The square and its symbolism is very old and has maintained a remarkable consistency of meaning over the centuries. However, it does not necessarily follow that Freemasonry began in those eras any more than trying to assert that Euclid was a Freemason because his 47th Proposition (as shown on the WMs jewel) has relevance in modern Freemasonry!


Legend next informs us that Athelstan, having subjugated most of the minor kingdoms of England, gathered together many skilled masons and established York Rite Masonry in 926 AD by granting them a Royal Charter. The charter enabled the stonemasons to meet in general assembly once a year and seems to have been a catalyst for a host of construction projects including numerous abbeys, castles and fortresses. Athelsans importance to Stonemasons is mentioned in both the Regius and Cooke Manuscripts. The Scottish Rite, by contrast, was established many centuries later by Chevalier Andrew Ramsay (Ramsays Oration of 1737) and other exiled Stuart Scots in France who were plotting the restoration of James II. This has led to a diversity of subsequent Orders following the three basic Craft Degrees. Click  here  to find a drawing depicting the York and Scottish Rite relationship.


                    The Medieval Operative Masonic Guilds

We have evidence that Operative Masonic guilds (or gilds) existed in Scotland as early as 1057 and possibly in England from 1220 when we know the Masons Livery Company was in existence. Those guilds, associations or Compagnonnage as they were known in France and mainland Europe, were conscripted to produce sufficient masons of all qualities to satisfy the aspirations of Kings and the Church in their respective building programmes.

   In days where travel and communication for all but King and Church was highly restricted, the guilds are believed to have developed their own methods of introduction and secret modes of recognition when working on various programmes around the country. These were essential in order to distinguish a skilled master from the aspiring apprentice. This was important because they were no written credentials in those days because only top Master Masons could read, let alone write letters of introduction on expensive parchment. However, some historians (chief among them John J Robinson) argue it is difficult to prove English stone masons guilds (unlike Scottish guilds) existed at all given the relative lack of evidence available to corroborate them.



                         The Knights Templar Relation


Masonic legend and some tradition is borrowed from the fanciful stories of the Knights Templar, an enigmatic and powerful military Order of fighting monks set up by Hugues de Payens in 1118. Their illustrious history has been the subject of numerous fascinating books and their effect upon the course of world history, religion and commerce is much greater than generally recognised. They were also responsible for the erection of many churches (eg Middle Temple on the Embankment in London shown on the left) and the assembly of numerous large estates and would themselves have employed a great many stone masons.

  Although their effect upon Freemasonry is very uncertain, they had amassed considerable wealth and influence in London, Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom that cannot be overlooked. Most serious historians dismiss a direct link to the Knights Templars for lack of evidence. However, is it possible that the Knights Templars might have shared some of their knowledge and rituals with their more senior stone masons with whom they employed who later incorporated them into their own traditions? 

   The Knights Templars ostensible purpose was the protection of pilgrims on their journey from the coastal port of Jaffra to Jerusalem. Initially however, there were too few of them to be an effective escort. In any event, for the first nine years of their existence, they were far too busy purposefully digging under the ruins of King Solomons Temple to be offering any support to Pilgrims. It seems clear that during their excavations they discovered something of immense spiritual or material value for they swiftly became very rich and powerful and enjoyed this position for nearly two hundred years until the fall of the Holy Lands.

 Evidence of Templar excavations was found by Lieutenant Warren, Royal Engineers in 1867. The Knights Templar were effectively extinguished on Friday 13th October 1307 by King Philippe of France who, broke at the time, stole their lands and possessions (a fate he inflicted upon French Jews two years earlier) and with collusion from the Pope, instructed the Inquisition to torture any Templar he managed to round up to gain evidence to legitimize his grand theft. Many of the fit and able Knights (and their entourage) and most of their wealth managed to escape. It is from their exodus from France and other parts of Europe that much of Masonic folklore stems.

Many Knights possibly settled in the comparative backwaters of Scotland, a land ruled by the excommunicated Robert The Bruce and therefore considered comparatively safe, being largely beyond the reach of the Pope and the Inquisition. No doubt they brought with them their treasures, relics, knowledge and ceremonies as depicted on the ground floor South West window stone carving at Roslin Chapel shown below. Some knights are believed to have traveled much further than the known lands of the times and even managed to find America. Certain corn carvings (see left) at Roselin Chapel appear to confirm this.

   Given a background of organized secrecy, could it have been possible that Stonemasons guilds became convenient, if not unwitting, conduits of social refuge through the ages? Templar, who required a degree of privacy from State or Church in their thoughts, discussions or travel arrangements would have found stonemasons guilds attractive. History however, contains virtually no written references linking KT and Freemasonry until the 18th C. Most serious historians believe that a link with the Knights Templar only came about through marketing skills displayed by Ramsay in his Oration in 1737 when he attributed (in error) the origins of Freemasonry to  Crusaders and the Knights of St John. Ramsey, a talented self-publicist, would have known that such a pedigree was bound to impress the French audience whom he was addressing. Robert Brydon, in his book The Masons and the Rosy Cross, informs us that Alexander Duechar confused the issue still further by his attempts to revive Scottish Templarism and  integrating it within the ambit of Freemasonry.


Rosslyn Chapel

No discussion on Masonic history would be truly complete without a reference to Rosslyn Chapel, situated 5 miles south of Edinburgh and built in 1446 by Sir William St Clair whose family had deep Templar ancestry and alleged family ties back to Hugues de Payens. Rosslyn Chapel took 40 years to build and is highly embellished with Templar, Enochian and possibly some Masonic imagery. Given that it was constructed in an age when books could be censored or burned, it seems that William St Clair was intent on leaving permanent and peculiar encoded messages in the fabric of the chapel for posterity.

The chapel contains the astounding “Apprentice Pillar” and numerous other intriguing stone carvings – one, on an external window (the photograph is on this web page) even depicts some form of initiation. Curiously, the official Rosslyn Chapel guidebook states that the William St Clair, brother of Edward, was granted the Charters of 1630 from the Masons of Scotland, recognizing that the position of Grand Master Mason of Scotland had been hereditary in the St Clair family since it was granted by James II in 1441, the original charter having been destroyed in a fire. Whilst the relevance of Roslin Chapel within Freemasonry is highly controversial, its architectural features and carvings are more than outstanding and well worth a visit.



 Imagine our shock and disbelief when we stumbled on to the fact that Freemasonry adores and worships the Serpent just as completely as do most pagan groups of the past 5,000 years.  We shall be quoting Freemasonry sources, directly from the source itself, and we shall be showing symbols that go along with the text.  Since a "picture is worth 1,000 words", this article will be another "smoking gun" evidence proving that Freemasonry is Luciferian as we have been charging. 

Albert Pike, in his monumental book, Morals & Dogma , speaks greatly about the importance of the worship of the serpent in the various pagan mysteries' religions of antiquity.  As you read his description of the importance of the serpent worship, please bear in mind that Pike has dogmatically stated, "Masonry is identical to  the ancient Mysteries ", which means that all their teachings in all their books are precisely the same as the Ancient, Pagan, Satanic Mysteries!  Now, let us hear from Albert Pike, 33 Degree Mason, of the Southern Jurisdiction.


"The serpent entwined around the egg, was a symbol common to the Indians, the Egyptians, and the Druids.  It referred to the creation of the Universe." [p. 496; teaching of the 25 Degree, Knight of the Brazen Serpent ]

In several past articles, we have noted that Freemasonry does NOT believe that the Universe was created by God of the Holy Bible, as recorded in Genesis.  This statement really supports that concept, as it dogmatically states that the serpent entwined around the egg is a symbol of the creation of the universe !

Further, I find it highly damning that Freemasonry idolizes the Druids.  Not only does Pike mention the Druids in this sentence, above, but other Masonic authors are far more bold and forthright in their admission that Freemasonry venerates them because their Mysteries' Religion is identical to the Druids.  Listen:

"... our mode of teaching the principles of our profession [Masonry] is derived from the Druids ... and our chief emblems originally came from Egypt ..." [William Hutchinson, Mason, The Spirit of Masonry, revised by George Oliver, New York, Bell Publishing, originally published in 1775, p. 195]

Albert Churchward, another Masonic writer, states that Masons are "our present Druids". [Albert Churchward, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man: the Evolution of Religious Doctrine from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, London, England, George Allen and Company, Ltd. 1913, Second Edition, p. 189.

Another Masonic author, George Oliver, also noted Freemasonry's connection with the Druids.  "The Druids had a high veneration for the Serpent.  Their great god, Hu, was typified by that reptile; and he is represented by the Bards as 'the wonderful chief Dragon, the sovereign of heaven'." [George Oliver, Signs and Symbols, New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1906, p. 36; Emphasis and capitalization in the original]  At least, this Satanic view of the serpent and the dragon being identical beings is consistent with the Bible, as the Scripture says they both are symbols of Satan [Revelation 12:9]

When Masonic authors Pike, Hutchinson, Churchward, and Oliver identify Masonry as coming from the Druid religion, this admission is extremely damning.  "Masons .. admire the Druids and some of them even claim that Masonry came from Druidism.  Of course, the Druids were occultic priests, practiced astrology, and offered human sacrifices." [Dr. C. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 28]  Wonderful.  This statement means that Freemasonry practices both White Magic and Black Magick witchcraft.  The Illuminati practices Black Magic witchcraft, and so will Antichrist!

Albert Pike then reveals that other Mysteries' Religions throughout the globe and at different times also worshiped the serpent, in various ways.  For example: [quotes below taken from Morals and Dogma , p. 496-500]

1)  "The Phoenicians represented the God Nomu (Kneph or Amun-Kneph) by a serpent"

2) "In Egypt, a Sun supported by two asps was the emblem of Horhat the good genius; the serpent with the winged globe was placed over the doors and windows of the Temples as a tutelary God." [The word, "tutelary" means "guardian"]

3)  In ancient Tyre, and India, "a serpent was ... coiled around the trunk of a tree.  Python, the Serpent Deity, was esteemed oracular; and the tripod at Delphi was a triple-headed serpent of gold." [NOTE:  Also, Pike capitalized as we printed, above]

4) "The portals of the Egyptian Temples are decorated with the hierogram of the Circle and the Serpent"

5) The serpent "is found upon the Temple of Naki-Rustan in Persia, on the triumphal arch at Pechin, in China, over the gates of the great Temple of Chaundi Teeva, in Java; upon the walls of Athens ... The Mexican hierogram was formed by the intersecting of two great Serpents, which described the circle with their bodies, and each a human head in its mouth." [NOTE: Pike capitalized Serpent, above, to denote Deity]  While we may think it abhorrent for a snake to be swallowing a human, we discover that the Satanist had a different point of view. 

A Satanic book of symbols, entitled, Magic Symbols , says that a snake swallowing a human being symbolizes "the process of initiation.  When a man has prepared himself as to achieve insight into the nature of the spiritual realm, then he is said to be an initiate.  A true initiate is one who has been given, or who has earned, such wisdom as permits him to look on such a brilliant influx of spiritual light ... without damaging his vision."  What this gobble-dee-gook means is that a man has to be prepared to worship Satan, because such worship goes against all of God's instinctive knowledge about Himself which He has placed in every man.  Of course, this is exactly what Freemasonry does.  As a man is invited to go up the degrees, he is told more and more things, until finally, about the 28th Degree, he realizes he is worshiping Lucifer, the good god.  He has been mightily prepared for this revelation, so he can "look on such a brilliant influx of spiritual light without damaging his vision"!

6) "All the Buddhist crosses in Ireland had serpents carved upon them.  Wreaths of snakes are on the columns of the ancient Hindu Temple at Burwah-Sangor."


7) "Among the Egyptians, it was a symbol of Divine Wisdom, when extended at length; and with its tail in its mouth, of Eternity."  [Again, Pike capitalized Divine Wisdom and Eternity, denoting Deity]  All the pagans in every era have used the serpent to worship and to consider as symbolic of WisdomA Satanic book of symbols, entitled, Magic Symbols, says, "... we shall see the deeper implications of the serpent as a symbol of wisdom ..." This figure, above, is identified as being one used in the practice of Alchemy, an art normally thought of as attempting to turn base metals into gold, but which also has a spiritual objective of achieving eternal life. By the way, this symbol of the snake devouring its own tail is called "Ouroboros". [p. 11; Emphasis added] 


This symbol is also called, "Ouroboros", but its meaning is deeper.  "This snake, sometimes called the Ouroboros, is a symbol of Time, from which alone Wisdom springs.  The snake encircles the two symbols of the extremes of created life -- the child and the death-symbol of the skull.  Between them, the child and skull are intended to symbolize the 'beginning and then end'.  As a whole, the emblem may be interpreted as meaning, 'In the end, is my beginning', or 'The End is Found in the Beginning', which is approximately what the Latin around the circle means."  [ Magic Symbols, Ibid.] These two statements are speaking of the pagan belief in Reincarnation


I also am offended by the fact that the Satanist views the entire created world as being surrounded and controlled by the serpent, as this second Ouroboros depicts.  But, I guess the Bible states that Satan is the "Lord of this World", is the "Prince of the Power of the Air", and is generally in control of this wicked world until Christ returns.

Does Freemasonry share this belief that the serpent symbolizes time, as this second Ouroboros indicates?  Yes, they do.  Listen to Pike explain this succinctly.  "A serpent-ring was a well-known symbol of time." {Ibid., p. 497]

As Pike is explaining the Mason's spiritual belief about the serpent, he mentions the Zodiac, bees and honey.  Listen.  "The Virgin of the zodiac is bitten in the heel by Serpens, who, with Scorpio, rises immediately behind her; and as honey, the emblem of purity and salvation, was thought to be an antidote to the serpent's bite, so the bees of Aristaeus, the emblems of nature's abundance, are destroyed through the agency of the serpent, and regenerated within the entrails of the Vernal Bull.  The Sun-God is finally victorious." [Ibid.]  Note that Masonry identified also identifies itself with the pagans who divine the future by studying the entrails of a bull.  This is blatant Satanism.

Thus, throughout Masonic symbols, you consistently see the symbol of the bees and their beehive.  I had always been curious as to why the beehives were so commonly depicted on Masonic web sites, because Christianity does not use this symbol.  But, now, thanks to Pike, we now know.  Note, also, that the honey depicts "purity" and "salvation".  This symbolism is also blasphemous, because the Bible depicts purity as either Jesus Himself, or as white wool, or as a white garment.  Salvation is depicted as the Cross or Jesus arising from the grave.  But, the pagans are surely true to the Biblical description of them as "worshipping the creature rather than the Creator" [Romans 1:25]

In fact, listen to how the Satanic book, A Dictionary of Symbols, explains the importance of the snake. "Snakes are guardians of the springs of life and of immortality, and also of those superior riches of the spirit that are symbolized by hidden treasure ... the serpent is the life-force which determines birth and rebirth and hence it is connected with the Wheel of Life ..." {Cirlot, A Dictionary of Symbols , p. 286-288]

Albert Pike gives us the explanation for these two Masonic columns, both of which depict a serpent.  "Serpents encircling rings and globes, and issuing from globes, are common in the Persian, Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian monuments.  Vishnu is represented reposing on a coiled serpent, whose folds form a canopy over him."  [Pike, Morals and Dogma, teachings of the 25th Degree, Knight of the Brazen Serpent , p. 500]

However, we are in for a rude shock.  Notice that the column on the left not only has a serpent encircling a globe, but notice also that the globe itself has wings.  Another source quotes H.G. Wells as saying that the winged globe is "to become the symbol of the New World Order when it overtly rules the world." [Fritz Springmeier, The Watchtower and the Masons , Portland, Oregon, 1992, p. xi]

That means the Masonic column on the left depicts the symbol of the final Kingdom of Antichrist, his New World Order!  Once again, we have a strong connection between Freemasonry and the coming Kingdom of Antichrist.



We now draw your attention to the Masonic Apron depicted here.  You will note the All-Seeing Eye on the left upper , the Sun worship symbol in the right upper , and the beehive with bees toward the bottom, all very typical Masonic and Satanic symbols.  But, note the centerpiece symbol, with the Satanic Death's Head in the middle of the Masonic Emblem of the Compass and Square.  Notice that this symbol is surrounded by an Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail.  Further, notice that two sprigs of evergreen bough are below the Compass and Square; the Satanist uses the evergreen to depict eternal life.  But, now, let us listen to two Masonic authors shed even more light on this subject:

"The Serpent is universally esteemed a legitimate symbol of Freemasonry." [George Oliver, Signs and Symbols , New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1906, p. 36]  Now at least we know the truth about Freemasonry!  Its "legitimate symbol" is the serpent, and note the capitalization of serpent, above, denoting Deity.  This is another admission by this Masonic author that Freemasonry worships Satan, the Devil [Revelation 12:9]

But, now listen to the ultimate admission from Masonic authors that Freemasonry worships Satan.

"The serpent is the symbol and prototype of the Universal Savior, who redeems the worlds by giving creation the knowledge of itself and the realization of good and evil." [Manly P. Hall, 33 Degree Mason, The Secret Teachings of All Ages , the Philosophical Research Society Press, p. lxxxviii.] 

Let us repeat this insight for you:  "The serpent is the symbol and prototype of the Universal Savior, who redeems the worlds ..."

 Thank you very much for this insight, Mr. Hall; of course, we should not be surprised, for Mr. Hall told us in his book, The Lost Keys Of Freemasonry, that the properly prepared Mason had the "seething energies of Lucifer in his hands", [p. 48] 

   Freemasons depict the Universal Savior of the world as the Serpent.  This boldly damning statement was never meant for public eyes, because this book was published as a secret book.  Now do you see why Freemasonry insists that their Initiates take a solemn vow to never divulge their secrets, under the penalty of having their throat slit and being disemboweled? 

Albert Pike, the most revered 33 Degree Mason of all time, has more blasphemy.  Listen to him describe the Ouroboros, the symbol of the serpent devouring his own tail. "It is the body of the Holy Spirit, the Universal Agent, the Serpent devouring its own tail." [Morals and Dogma , p. 734, teachings of the 28th Degree, Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept]

                                      Stucture of Freemasonry

Structure of Freemasonry


Blue Lodge


The Masonic Lodge, often known as Symbolic Lodge, Blue Lodge, or Craft Lodge receives and acts upon petitions for the three degrees in Freemasonry. These degrees are:  Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason.

There is no higher degree than that of the Master Mason  (the Third Degree). However, for those men who would like to receive additional instruction and explanation regarding the allegory and symbolism learned in the Masonic Lodge there are three additional Appendant or Concordant bodies that can be entered. These are: 


The York Rite


The York Rite is one of the bodies of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed to supplement and amplify the Blue Lodge degrees, affording historical background on the work and meaning of Freemasonry. The York Rite takes its name from the old English city of York. The York Rite is not a religion in itself, it does, however, develop themes based on the Medieval Crusades.


In the York Rite, A Master Mason may become a member of three bodies -

The Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

The Council of Cryptic Masons (Royal and Select Masters)

The Commandery of the Knights Templar  


The Scottish Rite


The Scottish Rite work amplifies and elaborates the lessons of the Blue Lodge degrees. As with Freemasonry, Scottish Rite is not a religion and it is nondenominational, although it does require a belief in a Supreme Being.


A Master Mason may achieve 29 degrees - the fourth through thirty-second - in the Scottish Rite. Degree structure organization differs somewhat in various jurisdictions throughout the world. The basic purposes and principles remain the same.


The Shriners


 After a Master Mason has achieved the Thirty Second Degree Scottish Rite or the Knights Templar Degree in York Rite, he can petition to become a Noble of the Mystic Shrine.

The Shrine has always been involved in charitable endeavors. 
Today, the Shrine operates orthopedic hospitals and three burns institutes where children, up to their 18th birthday, regardless of race, religion or relationship to a Shriner, receive excellent medical care... absolutely free.


Southern Jurisdiction

Lodge of Perfection (Degrees 4-14)

Chapter of Rose Croix (Degrees15-18)

Council of Kadosh (Degrees19-30)

Consistory (Degrees 31-32)

Supreme Council (33rd Degree)

Northern Jurisdiction

Lodge of Perfection - (Degrees 4 - 14)

Council of Princes of Jerusalem (Degrees 15 -16)

Chapter of Rose Croix (Degrees 17 - 18)

Consistory (Degrees 19 - 32

Supreme Council (33rd Degree)

A 33rd Degree is bestowed on men who have given outstanding service to Freemasonry or to their communities.

                             The Pyramid of Freemasonry


By Richard Greaves

It’s been said that secret societies are a key component in the New World Order and the largest of all is Freemasonry. More correctly called a society with secrets rather than a secret society, it is quite amazing how it can operate so openly, yet keep its secrets so well hidden, right down to the point of having Masonic lodges in almost every town and city across the western world. For the men who congregate at our local Masonic halls and organize charity events, it is clearly a convivial all male club, with the potential for making contacts and business connections. Belief in a supreme being is essential for initiates. That Supreme Being is referred to as the “Great Architect of the Universe” and, outwardly at least, Masonry involves a strict moral code of fellowship and good behavior. The whole thing is based on rituals and ceremonies, which masons clearly love otherwise they wouldn’t get involved it. Add to that the feeling of being rather special because you have been let into some little esoteric secrets of the craft to which the rest of society (or the “profane” as non masons are referred to by initiates) are not party, and its no wonder that Freemasonry has attracted so many.

Almost none of them however are likely to be above the 3 degrees of craft freemasonry known as entered apprentice, fellow craft and master mason. They are unlikely to have any real understanding of what is involved, and many will not even know that above the 3 degrees of craft freemasonry are a further 30 degrees of initiation, and they will certainly have no knowledge of the secrets and the objectives of the higher degrees. Only those at the very top (and this may be at levels beyond the 33rd. degree) know the full picture - implicit in what a friend of this writer, who is a Freemason, told the writer: “at each degree they let you into another little secret…”

In Britain, craft freemasonry is run from the United Grand Lodge of England. It is to be found throughout the establishment, business and the professions, particularly in the civil service, the legal profession, police and the military. Its president is the Duke of Kent, which no doubt many would see as giving an image of respectability to the whole thing. (Royalty have long been associated with the craft, King George VI was an enthusiastic mason, although Charles and Andrew have not been initiated).

Freemasonry defends itself by claiming an honorable moral code binding on initiates – certainly Freemasons will go to considerable lengths to protect, defend and help their brother masons. However most men in the lowest three degrees are ordinary decent citizens, but how many have ever stopped to think what they are invoking when they indulge in rituals involving daggers, nooses and coffins. Swearing oaths to keep the secrets of the craft, in the case of entered apprentice “under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut, my tongue torn out by the root......or the more effective punishment of being branded as a wilfully perjured individual void of all moral worth......” Or in the case of fellow craft, a ritual death of “...of having my left breast laid open, my heart torn therefrom, and given to the ravenous birds, or devouring beasts of the field, as prey...” Or in the case of master mason “...being severed in two, my bowels burnt to ashes, and those ashes scattered over the face of the Earth and wafted by the four winds, that no trace of remembrance of so vile a wretch may be found among men....” (Since 1986, the words are no longer spoken by the initiate himself, but rather by the Worshipful Master - somewhat cosmetic perhaps!) [1]

When we visit places, we can sometimes be struck by good feelings of peace and serenity that surround some places. In contrast other places can feel distinctly creepy, malevolent or hostile – in either case, it is related to the activities, good or bad as the case may be, that have taken place there. Martin Short in his book “Inside the Brotherhood”, describes the experiences of several people who felt, after visiting Masonic temples, that they had encountered something that was extremely unpleasant and evil. Also documented are the experiences of several masons who came to feel the same way and who hurriedly left the craft. This writer and his wife took the opportunity of visiting their local Masonic hall in the Welsh border town of Hay on Wye when it held an open day for the public, and both felt the atmosphere in the temple was distinctly unpleasant. This is perhaps not surprising because not by any stretch of the imagination, can the type of oaths and rituals above be said to conjure up feelings of love, compassion and benevolence. They are based on fear and, judging by how well the secrets are maintained, they have been very successful.

Only those of “right mind” proceed beyond the three degrees of craft freemasonry to the higher “Royal Arch” levels, and only those at the very top levels will know what is behind the entire pyramid structure of freemasonry, those lower down do not. We all know that there are dedicated people on this earth who work tirelessly and selflessly for the good of humanity but in contrast there are also those who do quite the opposite, though precisely who they are, what they do and how they do it, is carefully concealed. Everyone perhaps can be open to the influences of good or evil, so we need to ask is the pyramid structure of freemasonry, and the unwitting involvement of ordinary men lower down in dubious oaths and rituals, being used by those, who understand the power of black magic and satanic rituals, to project malevolent energies throughout the network of our society.

The origins of modern freemasonry are relatively recent. Its roots go back to the stonemasons of the middle ages who worked on our great cathedrals. They formed themselves into guilds to preserve and protect the skills of their trade - some of the Masonic symbols of the apron, the square, the compass etc. are the leftovers of this. The old trade guilds fell apart after the reformation, with no further major building projects, so the guilds were thrown open to non Masons. The rituals used today are largely the product of the Freemasons of the late 17th. and 18th. centuries, although many of the actual esoteric secrets go back to ancient Egyptian times or earlier, and have been passed down through the mystery schools of Egypt, Babylon, ancient Greece, and then down through the middle ages by such orders as the Knights Templar, Cathars and Rosicrucians, and from there to modern freemasonry.

In the face of mass persecution by the Christian church in the middle ages, these secret sects were vital in helping to preserve esoteric knowledge. Some say that the secrets, among other things, are concerned with the true origins of humanity, which may not be so entirely terrestrial and a product of evolution, as our present science would have us believe. We are moving now into the realms of intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos and the possibility of contacts with earth in the past. Some say one of the secrets of the 33rd. degree is that they are in touch with intelligent life in the Sirius star system, although others dismiss this as absurd. Nevertheless, Sirius is the flaming star which appears in masonic temples.

So what knowledge might be being kept from humanity as a whole? The secrets may cover such matters as knowledge of the “life force” or “kundalini” which connects all humans to the earth and to the cosmos, often represented symbolically by the snake which ironically is incorporated in the symbol of the British Medical Association, even though the medical profession and conventional science deny this life force even exists. So too knowledge of the energy grid of the earth, sometimes known as ley lines, and how these connect with the collective consciousness of humanity. There is nothing wrong with the knowledge itself obviously – indeed it has been very important for it to be preserved especially against the background of dogmatic religions that sought to suppress any dissenting views.

The danger here is people who have the knowledge, deny it to others and abuse it. This is what some people believe has happened with freemasonry - the knowledge borne by the ancient mystery schools has been taken over by those who wanted to use it for their own purposes of power and control. What was originally an honorable craft has been hijacked and perverted for sinister purposes, but only those at the very top of the pyramid of initiation are aware of what is going on and the true agenda. They know that the energy grid of the earth can just as easily be used to project negative and malevolent thoughts as positive ones, and this is where dubious oaths and rituals come in, explaining the “bad vibes” some people have experienced in masonic temples.

Whilst ordinary masons of the lowest 3 degrees of craft freemasonry are forbidden to discuss politics in their lodges, at its highest levels freemasonry has strong political overtones. Note the Masonic symbol of the pyramid mounted by the all seeing eye, the symbol of the structure of world freemasonry, to be found on the rear of the U.S. one dollar bill. Around it the Latin inscription - “Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum” - announcing the birth of the new ordinance of the ages or, to use contemporary terminology “new world order”, a phrase much associated with domination by a global elite and rather popular with George Bush Snr. Bush is one of a number of U.S. presidents thought to have reached the highest levels of masonic initiation, others include Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton.

In his book “In God’s Name”, in which he investigated the murder of Pope John Paul 1, David Yallop illustrated how the top level masonic lodge P2, with members in South America and the Vatican as well as Italy, and powerful influences in the U.S.A. and elsewhere, was effectively running Italy. Despite the public exposures of the early ‘80’s, P2 still exists today. A shadowy politically based Masonic organisation in the U.S.A., said to have some bizarre sexually orientated initiation ceremonies, is the Skull and Bones Society, based at Yale University where meetings are held in a windowless mausoleum known as “the Tomb”. Its membership is dominated by well known families of the “eastern establishment”, such as Bush, Rockefeller, Harriman, Whitney, Bundy, Vanderbilt. Bush Snr. is one of the best known present day initiates - he was apparently once accused by Pat Buchanan of running a “Skull and Bones” presidency. And like father like son…. President George W. Bush and his brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush are both Skull and Bonesmen.

In the book “Princess Diana – the Hidden Evidence” the authors show how corporate interests and the intelligence services are also well represented in Masonic secret societies. From what appear to be well placed sources they are able to say that old orders such as the Knights of Malta and the Priory of Sion have been effectively taken over by agencies such as MI6, who now guard their ancient secrets. One such secret appears to be the fact that, despite what Christianity would have us believe, Jesus married Mary Magdalen - they had a son and from him there is said to be a royal bloodline from which the Stuart monarchs of Scotland and later England can claim direct descent. This is highly significant when one appreciates that Princess Diana was of Stuart descent and that she too would almost certainly know all this. The present Stuart heir to the British throne is Prince Michael of Albany who resides out of the public eye in Edinburgh, but who is nevertheless the Scottish representative of a little known organisation called the European Council of Princes.

The Windsors on the other hand are seen as usurpers, descended from the German house of Hanover, which was put in place in 1714 by powerful vested interests, who caused James II the last reigning Stuart monarch to flee in 1688. This was done for political gain and their non-intervention in British affairs and politics, was said to be the condition underpinning this arrangement – something that continues to this day. (By way of contrast Prince Michael’s views on the role of the monarch is that he/she should act as the guardian and protector of the rights of the people against the excesses of governments and those who control them.)

The authors refer to these events as the onset of Masonic government, which included the setting up of privately owned central banks in Europe, and developed in corporate form especially from 1945 onwards with the creation of global mega corporations. “It is a plutocracy of the most brutal and insidious kind, in which corporate power decisively eclipses the authority of elected parliaments, and high ranking intelligence chiefs and deep cover intelligence operatives are on the boards of big companies in oil, science, technology, armaments, financial institutions, publishing and media…”

This masonic structure is well illustrated in Britain today where we have an elected parliament which conducts its affairs in public. At the head of it is the government including the Cabinet, whose deliberations are not generally made public. Above that but less visible, are publicized summits such as the G8 the IMF etc. whose deliberations are strictly secret. Calling the shots are banks, big business and corporate think tanks. Then there are the publicity shy private forums such as Bilderberg, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the European Round Table of Industrialists and finally the top levels of the secret society network which are almost completely hidden. As if to emphasize this, we have a monarchy in which the rituals and pageantry of the Coronation and the state opening of parliament are essentially Masonic in nature. Hiding, as it were, in full view, the true nature of the powers that rule over us.

(1) An excellent general account on craft freemasonry and how it permeates society is to be found in Martin Short’s book “Inside the Brotherhood” (Harper Collins 1993).

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