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                                --- GREAT THINKERS ---

From this point on in the website we will go into the people that helped me think for myself and has worked very hard to prove their information is correct.  These people are great Thinkers and if it was not for their hard work and commitment to telling the world ... This website would have never been possible. They have changed my outlook on life and I now know how to Think, Research, and draw my own conclusions.  

 Thank you to all those listed below for a great awakening and the motivation to speak the truth.  You have inspired me to do more than just read and soak up information. You have given me the strength to get out there and tell the world.  

Thank You and Best Wishes in the Truth Movement!

- Kenneth Finnell

My Credits go out to "ALL"   the Free Thinkers ....

Nikola Tesla -




David Icke  -





David Wilcock -






Alex Jones






Dr.Rima Laibow -





Steven Greer   -






Philip Schneider  -

R.I.P Phil




 Zecharia Sitchen -





Terence McKenna -




Dr. Rick Strassman’s -





Dr.Stephen W. Hawkins -





Dr. Carl Baugh  -   http://www.CreationEvidence.Org




Carl Jung -





James Keenan Maynard -





Alex Grey -





Meria Heller -





 Ellie Crystal -



 Thank you to everyone I had left out you are not forgotten.... and yes thank you to "YOUTUBE" for making this website possible with Free Information Television. Also I would like to thank the # 1 Library in the world .... The Google Search Engine. 

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