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                                The Egyptians and Giza



The Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.  

The zenith meridian at Giza runs through Jupiter at the Hyades in Taurus. The metaphor for this alignment is that the kingdom (Jupiter) will be restored to Egypt (Taurus) at that precise moment. Thus, Osiris, the Bull of Egypt, will return from the dead at 22:18:13 on December 21, 2012. If these calculations can be backed up, they will have fulfilled the ancient prophecy. It will also prove that the Hall of Records is the stars. Remember one simple fact. Everything we are and everything we can know, is within the stars.  That was the fundamental synoptic meaning of the Giza complex.”  

(5/25/06) Jupiter is also the major player in Jupiter's Dance -- a treatist by Graham Stevens in which Earth alignments with Jupiter (and to a lesser degree with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) effect sunspot activity, which according to historical precedence creates (albeit with a time lag of several years) greatly increased earthquake and volcanic activity. This website is very interesting and well presented. Don't miss it.


    Prophecy in the Great Pyramid


      There is another cycle of time that I feel is important to understand. There is a prophetic timeline encoded within the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is derived from its geometrical features. When retro-viewed, the dates indicated by this timeline and geometry appear to correlate with significant historical events, including the birth of Jesus Christ, the development of the atomic bomb, and the two world wars of the last century. This timeline is calculated to have begun in 3999 B.C., and ended on September 17, 2001. The measurement of this time line ends at the doorway of the Kings Chamber (see Moira Timms Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Davidson and Aldersmiths The Great Pyramid: Its Divine Message, and Noah Hutchings The Great Pyramid: Prophecy in Stone).


An astrological chart, drawn up for noon at the Great Pyramid in Giza, appeared in Moira Timms Beyond Prophecies and Predictions. The chart highlights three main processes: calamities and catastrophes resulting from unresolved collective karma as we approach the ending of the present world Age; the beginning of the process of planetary initiation; and a transformation in Earths relationship to the Sun with respect to magnetism.

What does it mean that we have come to the end of this calendar? All major prophetic traditions point to this time in history as a period of transition. This transition is likely to be difficult, leading to either death and destruction, or life and evolution. The Hopis talk about the Great Purification, the Hindus talk about the kranti, the Bible talks about the Great Tribulation, and the Muslims talk about the Day of Judgment. There is already a great magnitude of suffering around the world due to wars, famine, disease, oppression, and natural disasters. Is there more to come? What calamities and catastrophes can we expect resulting from unresolved collective karma?

Planetary initiation refers to an accelerated process of evolutionary change, preceded by a dark night of the planetary soul. It is like inducing labor in preparation to birth. Labor is usually painful, contracted, and difficult. What world events can we expect that would reflect this process?

Just before the ending of this 6000-year-old prophetic timeline, on September 11, 2001, the world was shaken by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in, New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Rather than an event isolated in its impact, it represents in microcosm a whole range of karmic issues going back for centuries. It also represents a planetary initiation, setting the stage for shockwaves that will sweep across the world for years to come. What are some possible outcomes of this chain of events? I will speak of this further in the following chapter.

In addition to dealing with the crescendo of planetary karma, and the beginnings of planetary initiation, this date also represents a transformation in Earths relationship to the Sun with respect to magnetism. What are the implications of this? Dr. Mike Lockwood, of the Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories, reports that the overall magnetic field of the Sun is stronger by 230 percent since 1901. Similar findings have been made by Dr. Dmitriev regarding the outer planets in our solar system. Meanwhile, Earths magnetic fields have been inexplicably dropping. Also, as I mentioned in the last couple chapters, we have been experiencing more solar flares than ever before in recorded history, as well as emanations from the galactic core and gamma ray bursts from deep space.

All these radiations are being imprinted into the aura of our planet. There is a protective magnetosphere of the planet related to the Earths spin velocity. Much like the aura of the human body, this magnetosphere holds our collective thoughts, feelings, and consciousness�the mind-field of the planet. It is a planetary morphogenetic field, and relates to the Planetary, Christ consciousness, and Supramental grids. It is a template that governs our collective evolution.

Could the changes within this magnetosphere perhaps be mirroring the revolution of human consciousness that we are currently experiencing? Could it perhaps also have to do with our current alignment with the pro-evolutionary radiations now reaching Earth from the luminous center of the galactic core and from the gamma ray bursts reaching us from beyond our own galaxy? The Maya regard these energies as being mediated by the Sun on their way to Earth, and we are certainly experiencing unprecedented solar eruptions during this time. The findings of Dr. Dmitriev also seem to point towards something altogether new taking place in our solar system and on Earth today.

Our collective psyche is intimately connected to the body and consciousness of the Earth. As we go through our initiation, we may be assisted by changes within the body of the Earth. The Earths tectonic plates are constantly in movement, and she herself is moving towards higher octaves of expression. We may see some Earth changes in response to this, taking the form of earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic activity, or pole shifts. Whether this initiation is gentle or intense may depend on how much we choose to consciously make our own shifts.

As sovereign beings of light we have the power of choice. As birthers of reality, we walk between the worlds, and allow the seeds of a new creation to burst forth among us. As we face our moment of initiation, represented by our entry into the Kings chamber of the Giza pyramid, perhaps it may serve us to look at the life of one of the greatest initiates who ever lived.

The life of Jesus reflected his unified consciousness. And as he entered the sarcophagus of his final test, Jesus embraced his own death, knowing that death was the ultimate illusion. As he walked through the gates of illusion with a steady heart, he was enabled to overcome the cellular programming of duality and death, thereby experiencing resurrection and ascension. In doing so he also seeded this possibility into the planetary morphogenetic fields.

We too are seeding new possibilities into the planetary fields. If we are on the verge of a planetary initiation, this demands responses from us that are outside our familiar boundaries of reality. How do we reverse the deep programming locked into our very cells, our overwhelming fears of physical death and evolutionary change? Is this perhaps the basis for our separated ego self? As we allow for the possibility that all things are in perfectly unfolding divine order, could we perhaps move through this same doorway of initiation, going beyond all distinctions of polarity into our own experience of resurrection and ascension?

Resurrection follows crucifixion. There are times that I go into denial, doubt, dread, and despair. There are times when I look around at the world and ask myself if it is even worth saving. There are times when I feel very vulnerable as a human, and dissolve into helpless tears of raging grief. Sometimes I dont have any answers to the worlds crisis, yet feel the need to keep going as if I did. Yet, it is also in these pits of planetary despair that I often find the greatest light. When I can finally recognize that God exists in all of it, I can step out of fear, release the veil of separation, and reconnect with the truth of my being. I recognize that in doing so I am moving past the influence of karma into the light of grace.

In another astrological chart set up for 1:30 a.m. on September 17, 2001 at Giza, a perfect Star of David formation is seen. The energies of this chart represent the descent of the Aquarian Age, and the ascent of the wounded feminine. It signifies a major turning point in the current patriarchal consciousness, and in my mind is related to a shift from masculine to feminine polarity as we cross the galactic equator.

This shift represents for me the collective journey from karma to grace. This initiatory impulse imprints itself through the magnetosphere into the collective fields of humanitys karma, thus allowing centuries of astral density to lift away.

Also interesting, astrologically, is the position of Neptune on this day. It is positioned at exactly the degree in the zodiac where Saturn was situated at the beginning of the Gulf War in 1992, at 7 degrees of Aquarius, symbolically representing a child being born out of the cosmic egg. The initiatory energies represented during this time of planetary initiation, coinciding with the attacks on New York, represent a rebirth for humanity, after a period of travail.

I would like to end this chapter with a message from Babaji, communicated shortly after the events of September 11, 2001:

Dear ones, you are at the threshold of a planetary birth. Old forms are dissolving; new forms are arising. You have been conditioned on this planet to believe that birth is something painful, and so it is for you. Even so, the moment of your birth has arrived, and will be truly a wondrous sacred event. You are aware of the convergence of many cycles of time, prophesied through ancient calandar and scriptures all over the world. Just as a mother knows whenher time is coming, and her labor begins, so is Mother Earth now pushing to birth a new consciousness, a new Age. Would it help you to know that, difficult as these times may seem to you, the promised new Age will surely come? There are those locked in duality consciousness who would seek to prevent this, and there will be for a time a great struggle of increased polarization. This is all in divine order. Please know that the Brotherhoods of Light have long prepared for this time as well. In the times ahead, no longer will it be possible for anyone to sit on the fences of indifference, Apathy or denial. The fences are being taken down! A planetary wake-up call has been issued. The last trumpet has been sounded. Great karmic dramas will be played out. As hearts and souls awaken, cries of freedom will grow from within, and the bands of fear that have enslaved humanity for long eons will be lifted. As the bands of fear are released, a new Earth will be birthed. The Kingdom of God has always been within you and among you, and now will be revealed through the waves of light, love, and freedom that sweep through the planet in its moment of birthing. Many of you are asking, what do these recent events mean? Are we heading towards a global war? Is the world about to end? Please realize that the discordant energies that fueled the events of this day have been brewing for quite some time. Billions have already suffered around the world in a war on the human sprint. This will only end as deeper truth is brought to light. And so it shall be. You are aware of the prophetic timeline encoded within the measurements and geometry of the Great Pyramid, ending on September 17, 2001 at the entry to the antechamber preceding the Kings Chamber. Just as the life of a caterpillar ends only so that it may cocoon into a butterfly, so as you stand at this threshold of initiation, a great portal of light now opens before you. Life on this planet will never again be the same. The events of September 11 are directly linked to these calendar measurements, signifying a planetary initiation the likes of which has not been witnessed in recent ages. The Hopis called this the Day of Purification. Some call it Armageddon; you may also call it the Day of Truth. This is indeed a wondrous time, a time for light to shine into all the dark places of the human heart, so that all that was hidden may now be revealed and transmuted in the great cauldron of humanity�s awakening.

Hold this vision strong. Do not give in to despair and polarity consciousness, no matter what the appearances may be. Visualize the Earth as already healed. Earth needs your joy right now. When waves of fear, dread, or anger come up, transmute them in violet flame, keeping in mind the bigger picture, and know that you do this not for yourself alone, but for the collective. Continue calling on the realms of light for assistance. Trust the process. Eventually all fear will transmute into ecstasy and light. If you could see these times from the perspective of the Age that follows, you would truly be dancing in the streets in profound gratitude for the openings that lie before you. A new world soul is being created among you, and the time for its birthing is at hand. Step boldly forth into the Age of Light!

-Kiara Windrider

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